Developing as a ScrumMaster

Friday, 26 February, 2016

A few years back, I sat down with Geoff Watts and designed a two-day training course for ScrumMasters that we felt would help practising ScrumMasters develop in their role. We felt the course addressed a much-needed “gap” left after a ScrumMaster attends a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training course, by focussing on the arguably more-tricky part of the job – the people part. 

While CSM training tends to focus on teaching the process correctly to students, we built an “Advanced ScrumMaster” course around topics like coaching skills, creative problem solving and enhanced retrospective design. The students who have attending this training gave us some great reviews, and have all taken a lot of value from this training.


"Anyone who plans to follow a long-term career as a ScrumMaster or a coach should not miss the Advanced ScrumMaster course. The material, exercises, feedback, insight and structure were outstanding"

- Dave Peacock, CSM


Although Geoff and I now tend only to run these courses in-house for some of our clients, we have both received a number of enquiries lately from individuals looking for this course in a more public setting. To that end, we thought it best to gauge where that interest is before scheduling a class.

If there is enough interest, Geoff and I will look to run one Advanced ScrumMaster training class publicly this year, based on the data you choose to provide. 

So if you are interested, then please help us by taking 5 minutes to fill in this brief online survey to help us gather the right data. You can find the survey at:

Note: The “Advanced ScrumMaster” training course is not a “Certified” course in its own right, but it does count for 16 Category B SEUs, which count towards any potential Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) application.