My Top 5 ScrumMaster Bloopers

Saturday, 7 August, 2010

I've observed a number of different ScrumMasters facilitating a number of scrum teams and I thought I would summarise the most common pitfalls/bad habits I see most ScrumMasters fall into. By no means am I perfect either, as some of these I even notice myself doing!!!

  • The "Top and Tail" ScrumMaster. Someone who always speaks first or last (or both) at the daily scrum meetings.
  • The "Alarm Clock" ScrumMaster. Someone who calls the start of the daily scrum meetings every day without fail.
  • The "Secretary" ScrumMaster. Someone who always updates the scrum artifacts themself.
  • The "Iconic" ScrumMaster. Someone who calls the team to worship (around their desk) for a daily scrum.
  • The Step-ScrumMaster. Someone who is ScrumMaster-ing another team and likes to think they spend enough time with both, but really they don't.