The THEMED Retrospective Handbook

A focused retrospective can be one of the most powerful practices an agile team can apply. The combination of several great minds working together to improve the way they work can produce amazing results.

But many retrospectives are running on empty. Attendees frequently switch off or aren’t engaged while facilitators struggle to come up with new ideas. If your team is crying out for something a bit different, and you would like a set of structured templates for retrospectives, then this course is for you.

In this course you will get instant access to 10 retrospective designs that are completely new from agile coaches Geoff Watts and Paul Goddard that you can apply right now to get that energy and enthusiasm back.

Take advantage of this new THEMED approach, which covers:

  • Topics to help everyone focus on a specific area
  • Hooks to engage all attendees as soon as the meeting starts
  • Events of the last sprint or iteration using interactive exercises
  • Meanings behind the events to help the team reflect
  • Else” – the variations on the template and alternative perspectives to consider
  • Decisions they need to make as a team to move forward


This approach to retrospective design brings a sense of metaphor, fun and story telling into retrospective facilitation that you won’t find anywhere else.

Topics Covered

  • Team Collaboration. Help the team find ways to increase the amount and quality of teamwork.
  • Distributed Teams. Help set up a team for success when they are not physically in the same location.
  • Creativity. Discover and develop the team’s creative side and stimulate greater innovation within the team.
  • User Stories. Help the team reflect on the structure, quality and value of their requirements by exploring an alternative to the popular user story.
  • Quality. If bugs or technical debt is becoming a big problem for the team, help them identify ways to bring things back under control.
  • Definition of Done. Facilitate an exploration into how the team might go even further than “potentially deployable.”


Energize your meetings and your teams to be more productive!